More attractive lip tricks

Lips play a very important role in the act of seduction. Depending on their appearance, we can convey subliminal messages to the beloved. For example, strong, full-bodied lips that have a reddish color transmit health, fertility, desire, passion, etc. It also happens otherwise, when it is bad, the face becomes pale, the lips lose from the redness, and the people around us understand quickly that we are bad.

So I thought of some tricks you can apply to more easily get some seductive lips.
Before applying any cosmetic product, be it a moisturizing lipstick, the lips must be perfectly hydrated. Hydration starts from the inside consuming the daily water needs, and then we must take care of the outside.

In winter, when we need more protection, we can use: marigold cream, coconut oil or various herbal extracts.

During the summer we can use various lip balms.

I prefer those with solar PV.

In order to shape our lips as large and seductive as possible, we need 2 different lipsticks. One has to be as close as possible to the natural shade of the lips and the other one with a tone or two stronger than the first one. Practically we need a lighter one and a darker one. Depending on what we want to achieve, we can make various combinations.

Before you begin, the pencils must be sharp. In this way we will draw a much cleaner and well defined line.
One very important thing to be aware and especially respected is that: when we want to overcome the contours of the lips in the idea of ​​enlarging them, we must never overcome the white of the lips. Our lips are delimited by a thin line with a lighter tone than the skin. That edge can be used to create the magnifying effect, but great attention, it should never be surpassed!

With pointed pencils and this information in mind, we will draw a line with the darker pencil pointing from the corner of the mouth up to the quarter of the lip. It is very important that the line leaves the corner to the inside of the lip, so we draw a more round and upward line.
The same thing should be repeated on the other side. From the inner corner I draw a quarter of a line inward.
At the bottom of the lip we draw the lines from the corner of the lip to the inside just down.

After drawing these contour quarters with a lip brush I will have to degrade the easy outline inside.

After we have finished the degradation, using the lighter pen we try to unite the four parts. To create a visual zooming effect, we must avoid applying color to the middle of the lips. Degrade must be made from the lip edge, there where I have drawn the outline, to the inside. The middle of the lips must be last free, or touched by as little color as possible.
Playing with two shades will create the effect of lighting and shading, so we will give the sensation that our lips are bigger.To more sensuality and shine we can apply a drop of lip gloss right in the middle of the lips.

As for colors, there are no limits. We can juggle with different combinations and color combinations. I have to confess that among my favorites are: red and corai, lilac and pink.

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